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The Mindstrength Project is currently in its infancy, but new opportunities for growth seem to be happening daily! Due to working a full time job as an addictions therapist and in an effort to keep some semblance of balance in my life, I only offer a few services at this time. However, monthly online packages and Mindstrength Classes  are currently in the works and should be up soon. Sign up for our newsletter below so we can keep you in the loop!


Private Counseling

As a licensed professional counselor, I am certified to help individuals in a number of areas. My areas of specialty include; Trauma Work, Couples Counseling, Adolescents, Substance Abuse, Anxiety and Depression. I have worked with almost all age groups and demographics. My philosophies tend to focus on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EMDR (trauma therapy), Dialectic Behavioral Therapy, Neuroscience Education, and Evolutionary Psychology.

30 Day MEntal Fitness ONLIne CLass

We're all super busy, so this online thirty day mini- challenge gets to the good stuff quickly. If you're looking to change your habits and have fun doing it, this is the course for you. It's an introductory course to improving your mental game through meditation, exercise, and problem solving skills. To improve accountability, Mindstength Mentors will lead each group through the short daily challenges. 

Speaking Engagements/


I hate talking about myself, but I do enjoy motivating others. After working with resistant clients for many years I have learned what brings about change and what doesn’t.  My philosophy centers around what I call “Darwinian Buddhism” which focuses on how evolution is still screwing with us and how to calm ourselves down when it does. Two or three hours lectures are kinda my thing, so send me a line if you’re interested in having a speaker who cuts to the root of problems whether its in Business, Leadership, Risk Management, and many other areas.

“Ryan’s accomplishments in the mountains stand out tremendously, but you have to see what this guy can do in front of a live audience! His neuroscience knowledge plus his public delivery equal full-on engagement across the room. I’ve seen Ryan speak numerous times, and there is always a new takeaway, guaranteed!” – Rad Spencer, Associate Broker at JHREA


adventure writer & journalist

Using my brain as often as my body is an important part of keeping me sane, so intermittently I enjoy writing as a side hobby. Favorite topics include: evolutionary psychology, brain and behavior, mental training, addiction, adventure travel, and spirituality. I love a challenge, so look up my past work and see if I can help you put together an article!


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  • Private Counseling: Jackson, WY

  • Mindstrength Meetings: Jackson, WY

  • Preventative Mental Health Care/Life Coaching Packages: Online

  • Lifestyle Redesign Mentoring: Jackson, WY and Online