DAY 18: Can I vs Should I

Values are like fingerprints. Nobodies is the same, but you leave them on everything that you do
— Elvis Presley

Day 18 Self Reflection:

On Day 18 of your workbook, determine what are the most important components of your value system. Hopefully, this will help make life’s decisions more manageable by framing what your priorities are.


Day 18: Growth vs Fixed Mindset

Reticular Activating System in Brainstem

Reticular Activating System in Brainstem

The gatekeeper between the mind and the body is called the reticular activating system and is located in the lower part of the brain. This is one of the oldest parts of the brain and plays a major part in wakefulness, as its the system that gets activated when a teacher tells you to “sit up straight.” It is the main communicator between what your mind decides to do and what your body ends up actually doing. The reticular activating system is also what gets activated when a person goes against their values, causing them to “wake up” and take notice.

  • FACT: The Reticular Activating System is compromised during binge drinking

  • TAKEAWAY: Therefore when drinking heavily, peoples value system can be temporarily shutdown and cause their behavior to not match their value system.

Day 18 Meditation: Values Mantra

With the amount of info-toxins in our environment, including the addictive nature of social media, the 24 news cycle, or the non-stop barrage of of advertisements in our daily lives its no surprise that we lose track of whats important to us. It seems we always have something trying to distract us and therefore it becomes even more important to remind ourselves repeatedly what makes each of us unique. In todays meditation, we’re going to take five minutes and remind ourselves what

  • FACT:The brain can only take in 120 bits of information at any one time, reading this sentence takes up about 60 bits of your attention.

  • TAKEAWAY: Attention is a limited resource. Its as if the world is enshrouded in darkness and you only have a small flashlight in which to see where your going. So make sure you point your light (attention) in a direction that is beneficial to you.

Day 18 Meditation: For today’s meditation we’re going to set the timer for five minutes and repeat internally our top five values, over and over again. In order to communicate to our unconscious mind that these are what matters to pay attention to, not the constant info-toxins that are trying to take up space in our mind. Most likely during this exercise, your mind will wander away from the five words you would like to be repeating. This is perfectly normal and if you find your mind wandering as it most definitely will, smile at your brai which is only doing what brains do, and just pick right back up from where you left off

Always remember your focus determines your reality
— George Lucas

Day 18 Movement Task: Values Check

So often we forget to check in to see if our behaviors match our values. We zombie walk through most of the day, hoping to just get through it. This causes a tremendous amount of anxiety as we put our values on the back burner. Today, is as good as any day, to start making sure our values see the light of day and get implemented into our daily lives.

  • FACT: 90%-95% of all actions in a normal day are completed by our unconscious mind

  • TAKEAWAY: Through our daily actions we communicate to our unconscious minds what engrained programs we would like to play out in the future. So be careful what your allowing into your internal software because your unconscious mind is always paying attention.

Day 18 Movement Task: Take a good look at your top five values and try to implement them in some way into your day. For instance, if one of your top values is “connection”, make sure you have at least one meaningful conversation in your day. This exercise will help your self-awareness of whether or not your living within your value system regularly or not at all.

Day 18 Bonus Material:

#1) Ted Talk: Why We Do What We Do

Check out this Ted Talk by Tony Robbins looking at the unconscious processes that go into our everyday decisions. Insightful and funny, this guy.

#2) Ted Talk: Grey Area Drinking

Check out this Ted Talk about what to do about our habits when they don’t fit our value system. This lecture speaks to giving up drinking, not because of any horrible outcomes, but just because it doesn’t help the presenter be the best versions of themselves.