DAY 25: Live Your Seconds

Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better do better
— Maya Angelou

Day 25 Self Reflection:

On Day 25 of your workbook fill out the questionnaire examining what the frame to your “life puzzle” looks like.


Day 25 Micro-Science: Locus of Control

Research has shown there are two main ways people interpret why events happen in their lives, one group of people have an “external” locus of control and the other group has an “internal” locus of control. The main difference between the two groups is that the “internal” group believe events happen due primarily to their own actions. The “external” group believes outcomes are generally driven by the events that happen to them in. In general, the “internal” group reports higher levels of life satisfaction and overall well being. This is mainly due to the fact that the “internal” group believe they play a part in creating their own destiny through how they interpret and respond to events. The “external” group, on the other hand, just sit back and see what the world throws at them and then generally are in a bad mood if something “bad” happens and a good mood if something “good” happens. To sum up the two groups, the “external” group might ask someone “How is the world treating you?,” whereas the “internal” group might ask something along the lines of “How are you treating the world?”

  • FACT: Your upbringing shapes your locus of control, but it is possible to change where you started from and become the opposite

  • TAKEAWAY: This is good news and bad. Simply stated, you can achieve and “internal locus of control” even if your upbringing pushed you more towards an “external locus.” However, the opposite could happen as well. For instance if your family was primarily “internal” but then life goes sour you could move more towards the “external” end of the spectrum.

Day 25: Laughing Meditation

In India, they have laughing mediation classes and big groups of people just get together and start laughing. In the beginning, it starts out as forced and awkward but by the end (classes last 30 minutes) every is having a grand old time, for basically no reason at all. In today’s world, it seems we always need a reason to be happy, whether its because we just got a promotion or saw a funny movie. In the rest of the world, just being alive is enough of a reason to smile. When you limit yourself to “needing” a reason that drastically cuts down on your chances to have a good laugh. Life is pretty amusing all the time, so start using the smile lines nature gave you!

  • FACT:Children smile on average 400 times per day, adults smile on average 40 times per day

  • TAKEAWAY:Kids get it right, we should be more like them. Adults may have more to worry about but that’s all the more reason to lighten up and laugh at all that life throws at us.

Day 25 Meditation: Today’s meditation is pretty simple. Just watch the “cat fails” video below and get your laugh on. If you don’t find this funny, well…. I just hope you do.

Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm
— Winston Churchill

Day 25 Movement Task: Broken Windows Exercise

There is a theory in criminology that if you clean up a neighborhood and fix all the broken windows it will raise the level of behavior of the citizens and lower crime. The general thought being that if an area is kept in disrepair people are more likely litter more often and break more windows. The opposite being that if an area is kept tidy, people are more likely to respect the area and act like stand up citizens. New York City and a number of other metropolitan areas have implemented this theory with good success. So if it works in big cities I bet it will work for your living room as well. Hopefully, with a clean house your mind is free to focus on moving your life forwards and you may even find your own self worth improving.

  • FACT: Brain can only take in 120 bits of information at any one time. The sound of someone’s voice takes up 60 bits of information.

  • TAKEAWAY: If you have a dirty or unkempt living arrangement. Your daily “attention allotment” will be taken up by the things that need to be done around you and you won’t have anytime to focus on moving forward in life.

Day 25 Movement Task: For today’s action task clean or tidy up area that you have been ignoring. If your forced to decide about keeping or tossing an item, only keep what sparks joy in you.

Day 25 Bonus Material:

#1) Ted Talk: Emotional Intelligence: Using the Laws of Attraction:

Check out this Ted Ed about the neuro-mechanics of staying calm under pressure. If you have ever wondered the keys to keeping your calm then this video is for you.

#2) Ted Talk: All it Takes is 10 Mindful Minutes

Check out this great Ted Talk about the power of intertwining mindfulness into your daily life. This entertaining talk is the first step towards looking at the world in a different way.

#3) What Percentage of Your Mind Do You Use??

This Ted Ed is a pretty interesting look into what percentage of your brain you actually use. The results may surprise you and go against what “common knowledge” might suggest.