The Mindstrength Project

The Mindstrength Project is a lifestyle redesign program that combines geeky neuroscience, Jedi mindtricks, and anxiety provoking workouts to help improve the quality of your life. Through silence, science, and sweat the Mindstrength Project will guide you to rebuild your body, reclaim your mind, reconnect with others, and reinvent yourself.


Components of Program

  • Online Self Awareness Exercises

  • Breath Anchoring

  • Interactive Games

  • Holistic Eating and Living

  • Co-Mentoring Design Structure

  • Exposure Desensitization Training

  • Ego Destruction Exercises

  • Neuroscience of Risk Education

  • Mindfulness and Meditation

  • Preventative and Reactive Coping Strategies

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People tend to forget that we are human beings, not human “doings.” The Mindstrength Project seeks to rebalance your lifestyle to take away some of the gas pedal and add a little more brake. Through meditation and mindfulness exercises, the Mindstrength Project regulates the hamster wheel of thoughts that intrude into our everyday lives. Learning how to redirect our attention while having a conversation with our minds and bodies is paramount.



The backbone of the Mindstrength Project is based on three main schools of thought: Evolutionary Psychology, Social Neuroscience, and Positive Psychology. Together these theoretical foundations lay the ground work for understanding what motivates humans and how to apply that knowledge. Our brains are designed for survival not happiness, so the best we can hope for is to understand the mental machine nature has given us and find loopholes into contentment. Too often people focus on the foreground symptoms in their lives and forget to dig deeper into the background root causes. Therefore, the Mindstrength Project peels back the layers and helps you become the best version of yourself.



Life is just plain better when you exercise and combining meditation and movement is like putting your life on steroids. The body needs exercise to create new brain cells, through neurogenesis, but if those new cells don’t attach to new information they die. Getting your heart rate up and teaching your body how to break old patterns, delay gratification, and cope with stress is the bedrock of what it takes to have Mindstrength. Too often we focus on what is going wrong in our lives without giving much attention to possible solutions. Meditation in motion is one prospect that may help improve the quality of your life and bring about peace of mind.


The MindStrength Project is Different

The Mindstrength Project allows participants to learn meditation techniques and practice those skills during stressful mental and physical conditions.  The Mindstrength Project also teaches the science behind the fight or flight system in order to better understand how to cope in risky situations and in everyday life. Overall, The Mindstrength Project has been designed for athletes, addicts, or anyone seeking to live a healthier lifestyle. Join us to sharpen your mental training, gain self-control, and rid yourself of old habits.

  • Self Awareness Integrated into Social Media

  • A Research and Design Department for your Life

  • Brain Pushups

  • 21st Century Healing

  • A Laboratory of Personal Evolution

  • Crossroads of the Old and the New

  • Life Coaching where you become the coach

  • A think tank dedicated to you

  • Maintaining order instead of correcting disorder

  • Safe Venue to practice risk composure skills

  • Maintaining Equilibrium by Understanding Self